Friday, December 30


{dont you wanna?}


{and look! vans, meet pendleton!}

gillian zinser

{my newest celebrity crush: gillian zinser.. up there with mk+a. even her character ivy in 90210 is cool!
have 21 questions? look here}

exit thru the gift shop

{i finally just watched the documentary 'exit thru the gift shop' and it really inspired me. it is definitely an interesting film and i really recommend you see it- even if youre not typically interested in graffiti or street art, i think there is still something you will walk away from it with}

{works by banksy}

{works by shepard fairey (obey)}

{works by mbw}

{website here}

Tuesday, December 27

watch me tumble

{follow my blog? now i have something else for you to procrastinate with! bookmark my tumblr to find more images that have caught my eye.
find it here
if you happen to lose the link.. dont fret! theres a link on the right hand side just waiting for you}

Saturday, December 24

beggar in the morning

{beggar in the morning- the barr brothers}

5 things

heidi merrick

{i think youre bound to find at least one or two things (if not all of it) that you love from her collection. just look here}

'twas the night

ysl arty

{so i know you know about the ring.. but what about the cuff? 
love it too, right? see here}