Tuesday, January 31

want it all

{just a couple things i want from need supply co. what do you want here?}

been busy

{ive been busy this weekend and havent really had a chance to post lately, 
but here are a few things ive come across the last week}

Wednesday, January 25

great idea

taking woodstock

{i havent seen it yet, but honestly.. what have i been doing with my life? 
im watching it asap}

elbows on the man

{i love it when a man has a good patch on his elbow}

Tuesday, January 24

frederique morrel

{i love these works by artist frederique morrel. 
definitely a must to see more of his work here. i promise youll love it}

Tuesday, January 17

half full glass of wine

{half full glass of wine- tame impala}

janis joplin

{"im tired of all these hippie jack-offs" -janis joplin. gotta love her}